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Swirl Candle
Swirl Candle
Swirl Candle
Swirl Candle
Swirl Candle
Swirl Candle

Swirl Candle

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Set of 3
Carefully crafted and poured by hand in the USA, Los Angeles

Each candle is hand poured and individually crafted by LAWA Candles in Los Angeles, CA.
This scented handmade soy wax candle will be a perfect gift idea or a home décor element you absolutely need to feel the next level of elegance and coziness anywhere you put it.

Small - 3"W x 3.6"H
Medium - 4.4"W x 4.6"H
Large - 4.9"W x 7.5"H

⬥ BURN: Due the candle's geometrical form it may burn in an irregular way, so expect it to drip wax around the base.

Burn time is approximately from 5 to 35 hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jeanne Warren
Exquisite candles

I bought all 3 sizes of the swirl candle. I can’t speak about how they burn, fragrance, etc. because they are gifts I will give. I can say in appearance they are beautiful almost flawless, real quality. I plan to buy some for myself down the road.

Amy Parrish
Amy’s Review

I loved the swirl candle so much I ordered it in the lager size for another spot in my house. They completely met my expectations!! They were beautiful.

Dana Kelly

I have never experienced a scent like this. It permeates my entire house which is a good thing because it's delicious!

Monica Pascatore
Beautiful but ...

A bit too pricey. Gorgeous candles and packaged well, but I don't know if I'd purchase them again or not.